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* __ YouTube video tutorial: Tips and tricks for Photoshop.

* __ YouTube video tutorial: Photoshop: Cropping an image to reveal the details.

## Introduction to iPhoneography and Film Photography

If you’ve used your iPhone to take pictures—whether professionally or just for pleasure—you’ll have noticed that the majority are taken indoors with an artificial, cool white light. While I’m talking about outdoor photography in this book, I don’t want to exclude those 80smusiclyrics who may want to take pictures from their homes, vacation spots, or other places that don’t offer a lot of natural light. While you’re learning about exposure and image composition, you’ll also want to know how to take photos in low-light or no-light conditions.

The most obvious place to start is to learn how to use the “light meter” (page ) on your iPhone.

## Meter Meters

One of the most basic things an image-editing program will teach you is how to use a _light meter,_ which is a tool for measuring the light in a scene. This is done by taking the exposure readings, which are an average of a number of spot readings. You’ll learn more about the light meter and understand how to use it in the next chapter.

Light meters use the units of f-stop (stops) to report on the light. _F-stop_ is the number of _lenses_ or _stop_ changes one would use to open or close the aperture of the lens in order to reduce or increase the amount of light that strikes the sensor or film. An aperture of 6 or stops, or “equivalent” (EN), is large enough to record a normal scene in _low-light_ conditions (at night or during very low-light conditions) with a normal flash. Aperture will be explained in the next chapter.

The light meter is always the first tool to consider for taking a shot. It can also be used for portraits, but if the light is low, this is usually not recommended. If you take a picture outdoors with an abundance of light, you can enhance this part of the picture in a later phase of your editing with a variety of tools. The light meter is



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This guide will cover the basics that will make you an expert in Photoshop. These tips and tricks can make your life easier and even save you money!

To ensure a smooth experience, we recommend you keep Photoshop open while you read.

The order of the tips

1. Start a New Document

Start a new document or file by pressing the New button on the toolbar.

Note: Close-up images of the keyboard you can open with the keyboard shortcut ⌘+N.

2. Select or Create a Layer

Click on the New icon in the Layers panel to add a new layer to your image.

Click on the Add Layer button on the Layers panel to add an existing layer.

Click the arrow on the Layers panel and drag it so that it covers the entire layer below.

The selected image will appear as a grid in the Layers panel and a rectangle in your document. The rectangle covers the entire image and you can drag the rectangle to shrink or expand the image.

3. Image Rotation

If you need to rotate an image, or the image is in a different orientation, simply choose Image | Rotate.

Image Rotation

When the image is rotated you will see a dialog box that shows you the angle the image will be rotated. Simply drag your mouse to an angle you want the image to be.

To rotate the image clockwise click the left arrow and to rotate the image counterclockwise click the right arrow.

Note: You can also hold the [ALT] key while you click to rotate the image in either direction.

4. Scale the Canvas

To scale the canvas and resize the image, use the Transform options located in the options bar.

Scale the Canvas

Click and hold the top of the canvas until all of the options appear (see below). Then move your mouse left or right to the scale you want.

If you need to move the image, select the Move tool in the top toolbar and drag the canvas.

Scale the Canvas

Now you have a few different options. If you want the image to be rotated or mirrored you can select it in the layers panel and move it. If you want to scale the image up or down, you can use the ratios from the above boxes. If you want to move the image, you can select the Move tool and



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How to zoom in the iOS Simulator for the macOS app run on the iOS simulator?

I’m running a Mac mini on macOS Mojave. Now I am building a macOS app. To test my app running on the iOS, I’m trying to create an IPA file from XCode. I have installed the XCode tools (also.pkg file installer) and also installed the iOS Simulator on macOS.
Now, I want to run my macOS app on the iOS simulator. For this, I have to run my macOS app on a Mac. I am using XCode to run my macOS app. Now to test my app on the iOS simulator, I have to zoom in the simulator. But after zooming the simulator, the app is zoomed (i.e. the size of the app is increased significantly). In this case, the app should not be zoomed in the simulator.
How to solve this problem?


On Mac OS I create a shortcut of Xcode to simulator.
This helps to not zoom in simulator each time.

[Early diagnosis of dementia. Which methods can be used at an early stage? Results of the GEIS-study].
The GEIS-study is aimed at development and validation of a new diagnostic tool for identification of dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) at early stage. A database of 546 subjects with cognitive decline (mean age 68 years, 34% female), recruited by 70 memory clinics in Germany was assembled. Diagnostic tools were validated by a consensus panel of experts. Validity measures include sensitivity (recall of known cases), specificity (avoidance of false-positive diagnoses), predictive value (high sensitivity avoids false negatives and low specificity avoids false positives), and accuracy (correct identification of cases in a population of patients with and without dementia/MCI). The tools are compared to the DSM-IV criteria and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and Association Internationale pour la Recherche et l’Enseignement en Neurosciences criteria of probable dementia. In addition, criteria for dementia and MCI due to AD are fulfilled, as are criteria for dementia due to FTLD, bvFTD, PSP, CBD, PPA, MSA and CBS. A two-step procedure is proposed to differentiate MCI due to AD from MCI due to other causes. The validity of the new German guidelines for dementia and MCI, the Bonn dementia rating scale (



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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18:


-At least DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.3 or Metal.
-A GPU that supports the following extensions: