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The technology that went into making FIFA 22 will be made available for other sports with EA Sports.

FIFA 22 Technical Director Paul Mitchell, while speaking about the HyperMotion technology on the press conference, said, “We’re going to share all of the technology, and we’re sharing it because we want the world to be able to use what we’ve done for other leagues in other sports. So by sharing it, we’re actually helping each other.”

Wherever fans go, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are there to play FIFA 22 on the next-generation consoles. The launch of FIFA 22 will come after the launch of the new consoles on 20th November, so the new features in FIFA 22 for the PS4 and Xbox One will be released alongside the launch of the new consoles.

FIFA 22 is available for pre-order now.

What are your views on FIFA 22? What features are you hoping FIFA 22 will have that FIFA 19 didn’t have?

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Features Key:

  • All-new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) that comes with a completely overhauled single-player Experience modes for those new to FIFA, and more ways than ever to develop your skills and experience as a player or manager


Fifa 22 Free Download

In FIFA, you’ll take on the role of your favorite player as you attempt to lead your team to glory in the most authentic football experience on console.

With players from over 50 teams and a game engine built from the ground-up, you’ll have the world of football at your fingertips. Step onto the pitch, suit up in your new FIFA costume and leave your opponents in the dust. With players from over 50 teams and a game engine built from the ground-up, you’ll have the world of football at your fingertips. Step onto the pitch, suit up in your new FIFA costume and leave your opponents in the dust.

Teams and Players

Collect over 500 licensed players from around the world including your favorite stars, legends, and emerging talent. Gain increased control with enhanced attributes and contextual cues to help you make critical decisions on-pitch.

Bring the intensity of the world’s biggest football tournaments straight to your living room. Player Contracts, Clubs, and Scouting combine to create the richest, most authentic league environment ever in FIFA. Play international matches and prove yourself against the world’s best players.

Powered by Football™

Create your ultimate team, make key off-pitch decisions, and make key on-pitch decisions. With new mechanics that make gameplay more intuitive and responsive, create tactics and adapt on the fly.

Master player traits such as stamina, speed, and power. Gain a tactical advantage with brand-new tactics and off-pitch modes. Face the ultimate challenge – improve your team with the most comprehensive career mode of any FIFA game.

Put your tactical skills to the test in 11 official tournament modes, including the return of classic modes such as The Journey, Elimination, and Last Chance Match.

FACE IT TO THE WALL – A WORLD-LEADING TACKLE SYSTEM THAT ALLOWS YOU TO TACKLE WITH A SLIGHT SHIFT OF THE KNEE. Face the ultimate challenge – improve your team with the most comprehensive career mode of any FIFA game.



Fifa 22

Re-live the glories of The Beautiful Game on your mobile or tablet. With a completely revamped UI and more ways than ever to get your custom team built, FIFA Ultimate Team is a fresh approach to mobile football that features a deeper squad-building experience and gives you more ways to interact with your squad than ever before. Play more ways to play.

FIFA 22 Features:

POWER TO THE PEOPLE – Introducing an unprecedented level of FIFA being powered by the fans. Every FIFA game is driven by fan input and The Community Vote. FIFA 22 is the world’s first game to feature live votes on goals, red cards, player transfers and even fan controlled transfers.

BRINGING THE FANS IN – Our new story mode The Journey retells the rise and fall of Diego Maradona’s ‘hand of God’ through the eyes of Diego Simeone and the fans themselves. A world first feature, players are invited to vote for their favourite goal, red card or free kick to make their impact and see their name immortalised in FIFA history. as opposed to statistically. When there’s too much or too little of the wrong kind of light, they can’t see certain things they ought to, like a fire in the distance.

But the crowd hasn’t had to make any of those really, really tricky decisions yet. They’ve just had to deal with a bunch of bugs, half-assed ideas, and a few frustrating crashes. You can tell they’re getting frustrated, so you let them take some time off the clock and you close for a while. You watch the replay yourself. You see everything: The shot that was good but the goalie batted it up the line, the pass they just couldn’t get around, the shot they just missed. (You don’t mind them missing it. You can’t miss the goal that’s scored at 1.15 in the morning, no matter how much you hope it will.) When you’re done, you help the crowd through the half-time wind-down. When you think they’ve had enough time, you let them see the replay. This time you close the game.

After a few seconds, the crowd cheers. They’re not happy.

“Good job,” you say, “not great, but you did okay.” They don’t respond, but you haven’t been doing this long enough to know how to deal with it. “Who wants to do it again?”


What’s new in Fifa 22: