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The program is available for PCs running Windows or Mac OS X. The latest version is Version 10 or CS6. Older versions are CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5. Most tutorials and guides focus on CS3 and CS4 because CS5 and CS6 are often considered sub-par upgrades.

This tutorial covers the Photoshop CS3 installation and how to make and save your first image. The CS5 and CS6 user interface is similar in many ways, but to make it easier for beginners to follow we’ve included notes on how to navigate and use the newer interface.

How to Install Photoshop

Photoshop is available for download and installation on Windows and Mac. The download links for 32- and 64-bit versions are shown in the left column.

The easiest method to install Photoshop is to simply download it directly from Adobe. Adobe offers a free 30-day trial version with limited access.

If the download link doesn’t work for some reason, or if you prefer, you can download the Photoshop installer directly from Adobe:

or from the Apple App Store:

or from the Microsoft Store:

How to Launch Photoshop

When Photoshop is installed and ready for use, simply click the File > Open menu option to open the application. The Open dialog box appears.

If the Adobe Photoshop Installation Manager screen appears, it’s because the program is ready to be launched. Simply continue with the next step.

Otherwise, the Photoshop installer includes a tutorial to assist with the launch process. Skip to Step 4 or click the Help button to view it.

In the case of the Microsoft store, if the first few steps of the installer are not followed the program is not installed correctly. A message appears in the corner of the program window.

The Next Step

Use Photoshop’s File > New dialog box or press the Shift + N keyboard shortcut to open the New dialog box.

In the dialog box, you can select your desired file format (JPEG, Photoshop, Adobe PDF, etc.).

Selecting the “Keep original. Click the OK button. If you’re working on a larger file, you can add a prefix such as “Processed.” (For example, “0000.JPG” will create a file called “Processed.jpg” in your working folder.)

You can create multiple layers by selecting the “Create a new layer,” check box. If you select

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Due to the steep learning curve of Photoshop, many Photoshop newbies choose Photoshop Elements as a starting point to learn the feature set.

As a beginner, learning Photoshop Elements is not as hard as learning Photoshop. In fact, it is probably easier to learn Photoshop Elements than Photoshop after getting used to it.

Some of the most popular features of Photoshop Elements include:

Photoshop Elements features some of the features that Photoshop has but with fewer features and a simpler user interface. Some of the most popular features of Photoshop Elements include:

Let’s explore the most basic of the basics: How to open Photoshop Elements.

Open Photoshop Elements

You can download and install Photoshop Elements from the Adobe website for free. Follow the tutorials on the Adobe website to use Photoshop Elements, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Save an image

When you open your image, Photoshop Elements will let you know whether or not it is a RAW file, a TIFF or JPEG file.

If it says JPEG, it is in the JPEG format. You can open the image in Photoshop Elements using the “Open” option under File > Open.

If it says RAW, it is in the RAW format. You can open the image in Photoshop Elements using the “Open” option under File > Open.

If it says TIFF, it is in the TIFF format. You can open the image in Photoshop Elements using the “Open” option under File > Open.

If the image is too large for a single Photoshop Elements window, consider using Photoshop Elements’ “Fit” function under Image > Image Size.

Adjusting the camera settings

There are multiple options to adjust the camera settings of your image, but they all work in the same way:

Open the file in Photoshop Elements.

Open the file you want to edit

Select “Image” from the menu bar.

Select “Adjustments” from the menu bar (or press CTRL+L).

Read the article on how to adjust camera settings.

Your image is now open in Photoshop Elements

All the tools you need

Photoshop Elements includes all the tools you would find in a professional edition, such as:

The basic tools, brushes, frames, tools etc. are all present and correct for use.

Use the following methods

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