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Postbird is an application that enables fast and easy access and management of your PostgreSQL databases, allowing you to run simple SQL queries, save snippets for later use, and customize tables.
Managing databases with PostgreSQL and client desktop apps
PostgreSQL (or Postgres) is an SQL-compliant, open-source management system for databases. It is super popular because it integrates well on multiple operating systems, it has increased compatibility levels with many open-source well-known frameworks and plugins, and offers fast, super-optimized data searches. However, the most significant traits of PostgreSQL are scalability and clustering.
When it comes to setting it up, it is quite easy to get started with PostgreSQL. Because the community is super active, it is easy to find answers to many configuration inquiries you might have. Client desktop apps like pgAdmin and Postbird offer a visual representation of what the system does in the background. They are GUI for actions that can be directed from the SQL Shell as well. Having such programs installed (like Postbird) allows other less SQL-knowledgeable users to access databases for retrieving data.
About Postbird and its main characteristics
Although not the main client app for PostgreSQL, Postbird is still a great program. It has a lot of features and a super-simplistic interface that makes it valuable and maybe a top-choice for beginner users who only need basic level access, permissions, and features for accessing one or more PostgreSQL relational databases. Other super-complex tools, with a bunch of features, can be quite intimidating sometimes.
Postbird enables multi-server/database support, easy PostgreSQL plugin addition, and table search, filter, change, plus writing, running, and memorizing template SQL snippets for retrieving data. Also, regarding databases, you can create new ones (and define their parameters) or export them: you can either export their structure or their content only, the objects' ownership, or the complete database (with all the merged information).
All things considered, Postbird is an excellent program. It is totally worth testing it, even more considering it is a free, open-source tool. It is an efficient, well-built GUI desktop app for SQL beginners and people who need to manage (perform simple tasks in) one or more PostgreSQL databases without going into too much detail about their functioning mechanisms.







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Postbird is a desktop client application to access, browse, search, and use databases on a remote or local PostgreSQL server. This tool is capable of displaying in-depth information about each PostgreSQL database including its parameters, its related files, and tables.
Some of its features are:
** Database Explorer
** Database sharing
** SQL editor
** Table search, filter, change, plus writing, running, and memorizing template SQL snippets for retrieving data.
** Viewing and changing table contents
** Viewing and changing table owners
** Viewing a database’s files
** Database statistics
** Import and export databases
** Allow one or more databases to be accessed at once
** Multi-server database support
** Multi-server and multi-database support
** Multi-database tables sharing
** Multi-database permissions
** Run SQL queries
** Execute queries on remote or local database
** File searcher
** Todo log
** View PostgreSQL log
** Load PostgreSQL dump
** Optimized settings for faster retrieval of results
** Embedded support for PostgreSQL plugins
** Integrated SQL Shell with PostgreSQL support
** PostgreSQL console support
** Import and export objects, characters, tables
** DBExporter
** DBF exporter
** DBDump
** Backup utilities
** Import tools
** Export tools
** Quick backup of databases and files
** “Top 10 files” view of current database contents
** Quick search and locate database objects
** Database sharing via FTP, SFTP, and other protocols
** File share
** Multi-server, multi-database, and multi-database tables sharing
** Multi-server and multi-database permissions
** Multi-server and multi-database logs
** SQL console with PostgreSQL support
** Interactive help

My questions:
how can i export my databases in disk instead of in text format and how i can run a second time a query with the same parameters to change all my database and tables names and the columns names?


The way I go about this is the following:

The above tool is perfect for what you’re trying to achieve.

The Import and Export tools are not for backing up your data but for exporting the data from your PostgreSQL server to your local machine (or any other remote machine which you are connected to) in the text format. These tools require you to have a backup of your server locally and

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– Postage
– REST interface
– Webhooks
– Customize

About the Author

**NAME:** Jaimin Joannou
**USERNAME:** jjoannou
**TITLE:** CEO and Director

This software is provided free of charge and may be used for any
purpose. Users are responsible for the compliance of the use
and maintenance of the data they use with a great deal of care.

Reference documentation is also available for download, please

Copyright (c) 2018

Jaimin Joannou –

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Postbird Cracked Version Specifications

* Designed for simplicity and ease of use.
* PostgreSQL Client.
* Native PostgreSQL Plugin.
* Handles many PostgreSQL data structures.
* PostgreSQL object ownerships.
* Permissions.
* Easy to use.
* Automatic table completion.
* Search, filter, change, write, and execute SQL template snippets.
* Follows REST API.
* Ability to connect multiple databases.
* Automatic discovery of databases.
* Creation of new databases.
* Export databases.
* Fine-grained retrieval of data, either per-object or per-row.
* Raw data over HTTP or Webhooks.
* Integration with PostgreSQL Rules, Queues, and Cron Jobs.
* Also supports custom data types.
* Pagination and SSL encryption over REST API.

Postbird Crack Keygen – Top Features

* Fast and easy access to your PostgreSQL databases.
* The fastest PostgreSQL database system.
* Let others do the SQL work while you focus on your business.
* Easy data retrieval and filtering.
* Quick data access and simple searches.
* Flexible data pagination.
* Saved queries, templates, and objects for later reuse.
* Customizable templates, with or without Python and Bash.
* Easy to understand

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License: AGPL 3.0 (BSD 3-Clause License)


Description: An Efficient Tool for PostgreSQL with Clustering

Built for everyone
Postbird was built to fit anyone and everyone. Open-source and free, this PostgreSQL desktop client is distributed with a set of freedoms. It is licensed under the AGPL 3.0 (BSD 3-Clause License), meaning anyone can use the software and its source code for whatever he/she wants. It is a 100% Free and Open-Source product.
Scripting and Web Interface
Postbird is the ideal tool to work with PostgreSQL databases. It is a fast application that focuses on data retrieval and management. Even though it is more for command line SQL users, it still has advanced features, including a scripting and web interface. This makes it easy to work with PostgreSQL databases because you can run queries from any kind of computer, and get the results in real time.
Create and sync databases
You do not need to have an API key to use Postbird to connect to remote PostgreSQL databases. In order to do so, a database name needs to be provided, and a host/port combination. Once everything is known, you can create a new database and sync it with your local database.
Postbird is based on PostgreSQL, making it ideal for use with a PostgreSQL database cluster (or a collection of servers). You can manage not only one, but two or more servers at the same time, all of them displayed in the same interface.
Query and template SQL snippets
Once you create a database, you can save snippets in one of two ways: either from a schema’s definition, or from its content. The former requires the database structure definition, or the database’s content definition, whereas the latter requires a filename. You can retrieve these snippets later to save time when dealing with PostgreSQL databases.
Postbird provides a database permission API for advanced users. This feature allows the user to define the security permissions for a database, which makes it super easy to grant and revoke these permissions.
Postbird is very easy to connect to remote PostgreSQL databases. In fact, you do not even need to have an API key to do so. Just provide the database’s name and the host/port. In the same way, you can

What’s New In Postbird?

* It was built from scratch, just like PostgreSQL
* It supports PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1
* It makes use of the JDBC wrapper
* It is very well organized and documented
* It runs smoothly
* It has many very important features
* It is built with a pleasant, consistent code quality
* Its UI is simple, it has a minimalistic layout, but it is fully functional.
* It supports embedded objects
* It supports all types of multi-level search functions.
* Postbird offers API for easy connection to other clients like Excel and Document Editors and web interfaces
* Postbird provides a MySQL-support plugin, which means it can connect to MySQL databases without any modification
* Postbird has client libraries to connect to Amazon’s MySQL SimpleDB and Amazon SimpleDB Object Storage
* Postbird supports XML format for plugins and data export
* It’s free, open-source, and available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
* There are many more statistics and details regarding Postbird here (OpenPGP:

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