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Quttera Crack Free (2022)

Quttera is malware scanning and auto-detecting software program. This antivirus utility software can detect all possible malicious threats into your files, documents and multimedia files such as executable, image, video, music, document, multimedia, data, etc. as well as web pages.
Specially designed algorithm at Quttera capable of detection the latest “zero day” malicious threats, and it can protect you from newly designed malware, stealth malware, trojans and backdors as well as detect any other suspicious documents and multimedia files.
Using the newest technology in detecting malicious threats, Quttera will keep your PC always protected in every moment.
Quttera still remembers your favorites path but you can easily change that with simple one click on your panel.
This new program has auto-update feature and it will update itself automatically if found any updates.
Quttera will scan your data and multimedia files if you left it scanning or running.
You can choose which Quttera searches to scan and it will only scan the things that you selected.
Features of Quttera:
★ Powerful detection of all known malicious threats.
★ Works well on all popular operating systems.
★ Quttera uses patent pending technology that enables to detect “zero day” malware.
★ Quttera is capable to detect and remove “zero day” malware.
★ Quttera can detect malicious threats even if you have no prior knowledge about the malicious threats like warez, installers, and others.
★ Detect and clean all files that you don’t want to save.
★ Auto-remove detected threats from your system.
★ Quttera provides the best security for your files.
★ Quttera is able to clean the malicious threats into the memory even if you have no anti-virus program on your computer.
★ Quttera provides you the opportunity to delete “zero day” shellcode in multimedia files.
★ Quttera can clean a suspicious document and multimedia file that might contain a malware before you even open that documents or files.
★ Quttera automatically detects and scan any document, multimedia files that you want to clean without any second thought.
★ Quttera can be used on all popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Android, and others.
★ Quttera will keep your confidential documents and multimedia files safe and secure.
★ Clean your data or multimedia files in just one click in Quttera.
★ Clean your

Quttera License Code & Keygen

Quttera Free Download is an investigation platform which implements a patent pending heuristic and signatureless detection method for investigation all types of data and multimedia files. Quttera Activation Code investigation is based on the signatureless detection method described in US20130026217B2.
Quttera Full Crack allows you to detect hidden shellcodes and malware in any types of data and multimedia files.
Quttera Crack Keygen can be used to protect all types of documents and multimedia files on the computer.
Quttera’s investigation function has the ability to investigate any types of data and multimedia files located on the computer. Quttera works on any types of documents and multimedia files. The only requirement is that data and multimedia files are located on computer.
Quttera protects you in 3 ways:
— Quttera is a smart investigation platform. Quttera will detect hidden shellcodes and malware in any types of documents and multimedia files regardless of viruses and trojans that change their attributes.
— Quttera does not use any signatures database to investigate data and multimedia files and detect malicious code. Quttera’s investigation mechanism does not rely on any signatures database but rather on fully heuristic and signatureless detection method capable of detecting “zero-day” malware exploits.
— Quttera’s investigation mechanism detects all types of shellcodes that have been discovered till now.
Quttera can investigate every movie or any multimedia file and detect all types of malicious shellcode that is able to insert backdoor into multimedia files.
Quttera has 2 modes of detection. Quttera uses either heuristic or signatureless mechanism. Quttera can investigate all types of multimedia files and detect all types of malicious shellcodes even before they compromise the computer.
Quttera is not just a replacement to antivirus program but it is a state of art investigation and antivirus platform for investigation of any data and multimedia files. Quttera can be considered as a comprehensive investigation anti-virus system capable to investigate any types of data and multimedia files.
Quttera’s detection mechanism also protects computer information and multimedia files from modification by the virus once it is detected. If Quttera detects any malicious shellcode or backdoor in the monitored file then Quttera will protect the user’s file from modification by the virus.
Quttera is capable of detecting any viruses and trojans that embed its proprietary dictionary. Quttera’s proprietary dictionary is generated by analyzing all types of documents and multimedia files and detection of any malicious shellcode is done by

Quttera Crack +

● Anti-malware:
· Protects from viruses, spyware, malware, Trojan horses, Trojan horses and other malicious threats.
· Detects spyware before it compromises computer and its data and multimedia files.
· Detects viruses before they compromise computer and its data and multimedia files.
· Protects against phishing, identity theft, spam, spyware, Trojan horses, spam, viruses, trojans and other malicious threats.
· Works on any type of operating system and any version of operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, Linux)
· Uses signature-less detection method which works on heuristic basis for detecting threats and protects from zero day threats.

● Anti-Phishing:
· Protects your financial details from online banking Trojans.
· Protects your data and multimedia files from illegal phishing websites, Trojans and other online scams.
● Anti-spam:
· Works on any type of operating system and any version of operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, Linux)
· Detects spam before it compromises computer and its data and multimedia files.
· Detects spam before it compromises computer and its data and multimedia files.

● Anti-Spyware:
· Protects you from adware, cookies, virus, spyware, malware, Trojan horses and other malicious threats.
· Detects Spyware before it compromises computer and its data and multimedia files.
● Anti-Virus:
· Protects you against viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, Trojan horses and other malicious threats.
· Detects viruses before they compromise computer and its data and multimedia files.
● Anti-Spam:
· Detects spam before it compromises computer and its data and multimedia files.

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What’s New in the?

* Detects hidden shellcode and backdoor
* Detects malicious script codes
* Detects malware hidden in media files
* Detects suspicious multimedia files
* Detects malicious multimedia files
Quttera Features
1) Full scan of all files and folders
2) An easy to use wizard interface
3) Command line mode
4) Compatible with all antiviruses
5) Detects active shellcode and exploits
6) Detects any hidden rootkit or backdoor code
7) Detects spam documents
8) Detects any malicious scripts code
9) Detects malicious multimedia files
10) Detects any suspicious multimedia files
11) Detects any malicious pictures and video files
12) Detects any suspicious electronic documents
13) Detailed information about files and folders scanned
14) As a scanning method, it is the fastest and most complete
Quttera Screenshot
Quttera by Shovon Labs, Inc. 2007
Quttera Product Download
Quttera-Setup.exe – a free installer for Quttera
Quttera-Uninstall.exe – an uninstaller for Quttera
Quttera-Support.exe – a program to access and use our support page
Important Note
If you experience any problems with Quttera (missing files, pop-up messages, etc) please go to our support page and report the problem to us.
We are looking for new ideas to make Quttera better. If you have any suggestions, just email us and we will list them on our support page. We also welcome any constructive criticism about this product or any problem you might have had.
We are committed to providing the best service to our customers and your feedback is very important to us.
Enjoy and have fun
Shovon Labs, Inc
The Developers of Quttera
Quttera website:
Quttera Support Contact:
Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our package.
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Quttera support contact email:
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System Requirements For Quttera:

Mac Requirements:
Windows Requirements:
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