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crack adobe photoshop cs5 extended freeEPA’s multi-billion dollar case against Volkswagen appears to be disintegrating.

Just one week ago, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) issued a statement saying that he had “major concerns” about the EPA’s actions. The statement was part of an effort to score political points against the agency in reaction to the Dieselgate scandal.

Just a day later, the EPA formally revised the two-year, $18 billion fine on Volkswagen AG.

The EPA reduced the penalty from $18 billion to $14 billion — an important reduction because Volkswagen has already paid $11.8 billion in legal fees and penalties. (VW has paid a total of about $18 billion as of Nov. 7, the date of this story.)

But on Monday, as part of Volkswagen’s attempts to win back the favor of states and perhaps win the EPA’s OK to fix its diesels, the environmental agency said that that it could consider making the additional $3.5 billion in fines imposed by the California Air Resources Board official.

The EPA’s move is significant because state regulators have argued that the roughly $15 billion in penalties imposed in the United States were too high and too many.

On Monday, the agency’s acting assistant administrator, Bobby Perciasepe, said in an email that “Volkswagen has already paid $11.8 billion to resolve diesel-emissions violations in the United States; the federal fine the company will pay is $3.5 billion,” according to the AP. “The $3.5 billion fine imposed by CARB would go to consumers and consumers are the ones who drive off the lot of the dealer in a diesel vehicle.”

Indeed, VW’s cars sold in the U.S. will need fixing, and the automaker has disclosed that it would need to provide about $1.2 billion in fixes to make its diesels more efficient and to meet California’s NOx-emissions standard.

Also on Monday, Reuters reported that the automaker is in negotiations to settle with state regulators and the EPA out of court.

EPA’s formal modification of the fines came two weeks after it said that it believed that the automaker would pay $2.8 billion, not $3.5 billion. The agency said that its original estimates

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